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Hello Mamas, Daddies and anyone wanting to travel with a little one. Welcome to Nomad Baby! Travel is both my passion and my profession. My goal as a mother is to raise my babies with an open heart and mind, and to have an adventurous, curious soul.

I’ve lived many places around the globe, have family and friends scattered throughout the United States and abroad, I work in the travel industry and my husband is an airline pilot. We travel frequently with our baby and although it can be stressful, there are many ways to simplify the traveling with a baby experience and enjoy your journey together.

When we had our little baby Ava we didn’t want to stop traveling and didn’t really have a choice in the matter either. From our experience and our professions we have a lot of tips and tricks to share to make your journey as stress free as possible. We are always perfecting our routine and finding the best baby travel products to make our lives easy so we are able to concentrate on the fun part of our trip.



My baby daughter took over 30 flights in her first year of life and mama does most of these flights solo both short and long haul. We’ve been on every kind of public transportation there is, have driven hundreds of miles, and have navigated the baby aisles in supermarkets of foreign countries in which we do not speak the language.

From Domestic Travel – a long drive or a three hour flight, to International Travel with different norms and products, we have been on long car rides throughout the Midwest, flights to Texas, California and New York. We’ve visited our family in Bangkok, throughout SE Asia, and brought Ava to see friends in both Western and Eastern Europe.

We’ve brought baby to travel with us for work to Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Sure, there will always be more challenges than traveling without a little fully dependent person, but these challenges can be met with a carefree attitude and end up as funny stories, and collection items you put on the shelves of your family memories.




We want to help every family have incredible life experiences together. We want every new mom or dad to realize you can keep on exploring and your baby can be a part of it. Your new life as a parent doesn’t mean you’re held back from traveling it means you can give your baby amazing experiences from an early age and in the arms of their parents. In a world with such fear of those who look different or are from somewhere else we want every child to have the opportunity to join their parents in world exploration and learn how every kid, just like them, wants to be loved, wants to play and wants to learn.



The goal of this site is to give you the best practices, top baby friendly destinations, learning experiences, tips, tricks and product reviews to not only overcome the challenges but make your travel experience happy and carefree.

There’s no question its more difficult to travel with a baby than travel by yourself. There’s a lot of baby gear to think about, a lot of routines you don’t want to interrupt, a lot of worry when it comes to what if scenarios regarding health and safety. There’s jet lag on an already challenging sleep schedule.

If you ever have any questions, need to vent, or share a funny story please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out or be a listening ear.

All the best,

Alexi at Nomad Baby

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