The Dock-A-Tot Deluxe, Review:

Your Baby Will Sleep Safely Anywhere On the Go.

My favorite use of the Dock-A-Tot on the road is using it for a long international flight. If you request the bulk head row, you can simply lay your baby down in the Dock-A-Tot in front of you and your arms and hands will be free to eat your inflight meal, have a glass of wine or two, relax and watch a movie, and be sure your little one is safe and sound with your eye on them at all times. Not to mention, your arms won’t fall asleep and get a horrible cramp.

What is the Dock-A-Tot and How Does it Work?

The Dock-A-Tot is designed to be a multipurpose and portable device for lounging, supervised napping, co-sleeping, diaper changing, tummy time, and more. The Dock-A-Tot Deluxe is for ages 0-8 months and The Dock-A-Tot Grand is for ages 9-36 months. Essentially in the shape of a raft, the Dock-A-Tot has been designed to recreate the snug, warm feeling the baby experiences inside the womb by contouring to their sides which allows your baby to sleep more soundly through the night especially in those early weeks.

My husband and I bought a Dock-A-Tot after 4 sleepless weeks and never looked back. Our baby slept through the night from 4 weeks old. The important safety features of the Dock-A-Tot are the rounded sides which create a barrier between the baby and the parents when used properly in the bed. The material is made with EU certified materials which guarantee breathability and the creation of a micro-climate which adapts to your baby’s body temperature where there is no risk of overheating.

The Dock-A-Tot makes traveling with baby easy

There are several ways a Dock-A-Tot is useful during travels whether you’re road tripping to the grandparents’ house or taking a flight and will allow your baby to lounge and sleep comfortably and safely when you’re away from home.

*Please note that I will mention we use the Dock-A-Tot to co-sleep both at home and while traveling and I recognize this is not for everyone. Dock-A-Tot has an FAQ on how to use the Dock-A-Tot safely for co-sleeping and I will include a more in depth explanation further below.

You can request a crib or a bassinet for many hotels, but not all. Cribs and bassinets certainly aren’t available in most Airbnb’s and unless your relatives are going to buy a crib or Pack n Play for when you come visit a Dock-A-Tot is the best way you can be sure baby will sleep safely and also give you a place for baby to lounge while you’re getting ready, still have their tummy time, and play.

Pack n Plays can also work to transport, although I still find setting them up and packing them into their case a huge pain. Its also heavier and bulkier to take with you than the Dock-A-Tot. The Dock-A-Tot also comes with an easy to carry an lightweight travel case.

When traveling by airplane with your partner I recommend you each take advantage of your two carry on allowances and 1 of the 4 should be the Dock-A-Tot in the Travel Bag.

When lounging, napping or playing the Dock-A-Tot and go right onto the floor. They come in a variety of colors, you can buy as many covers as you’d like and everything is machine washable. Even the Pristine White color cleans easy.

When using the Dock-A-Tot for co-sleeping, the baby needs to be on a firm mattress in between you and your partner. I also highly recommend swaddling them first (before the can roll over) with a Halo Sleepsack Swaddle in Microfleece, and letting them sleep in that inside the Dock-A-Tot.

Co-Sleeping with the Dock-A-Tot

The American Academy of Pediatrics that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in their crib or bassinet alone with no blankets, pillow, stuffed animals or crib bumpers. Please consult with your Pediatrician before you decide if using a Dock-A-Tot for co-sleeping is right for you. I know many firmly believe a baby should never sleep with their parents, but others think there are immense benefits as this is practiced in many other countries around the world such as those in Scandinavia where Dock-A-Tot is made.

Here’s how you co-sleep with the Dock-A-Tot Safely:

  1. Ensure no adult co-sleeping with baby suffers from sleep disorders or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. Place the Dock-A-Tot on a firm mattress only. Make sure its laying flat and in between two adults
  3. The Dock should be placed towards the headboard. There should be 12” on either side of the dock between it and the edge of the bed
  4. Make sure you are not using any pillows or blankets near the Dock-A-Tot. Any blanket over the Dock-A-Tot can sneak up over the babies face and lead to SIDS. Parents should use separate blankets.
  5. To reduce SIDS baby should sleep on their back in the dock. Swaddling will help.
  6. Never leave the baby alone and unsupervised in an adult bed. If baby wakes up without you there, it poses a risk to them falling off the bed.
  7. Don’t use the components of the Dock-A-Tot separately. Its only safe when everything is put together and the fabric is zipped up and tight.

When co-sleeping is done with the above precautions you and your baby will enjoy full nights of sleep both at home and while on the road. The Dock-A-Tot has been a savior for my family and we bring it on all our travels near home and abroad.